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Seen on the roads of Gurgaon today

That is your everyday goods carrier.

A kid selling colourful masks made out of recycled synthetic rubber.
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Kasol Revisited
Since I don't have anything new to share, here are some of the promised pictures from my visit to Kasol earlier this year.

The River Parvati

A hanging bridge across River Parvati

A low POV shot of the same bridge.

The other side of the river.
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Wet Wet Wet
The Monsoons are almost here and yesterday, it poured a bit in the evening. I was on my way back from work when it started. So I took a detour and just drove around to see if I could get something interesting when I found this guy.

I returned home with squeaky wet shoes yesterday.

And this is later in the same evening. This is the carpark below as seen from my third floor apartment window.

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Don't look this way
Mr Wadhwa got himself hot new wheels sometime back. So we decided to take the 1497cc, Water cooled, 4 stroke SOHC, 8-valve in line 4 cylinder, Honda City Exi for a spin on NH8. Jap fuel efficiency combined with great driving comfort led to a well spent Saturday afternoon. About 100 km out, we spotted some sheep in a field and made a pitstop.

This one was just half an hour old and already looked so uninterested.

And then, there was this one time we went for a 3-day, company sponsored trip to Naukuchiyataal. It's a place in Uttaranchal near Nainitaal. On our way there, we stopped at a tea stall for refreshments. It was early morning. The local kids were all ready to go to school, standing in their uniforms and waiting for transportation. Except for this shy little one.

He just wouldn't look into the camera when I pointed it at him. Lucky me for I got this nice expression when he was looking the other way.
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Brother in alms ...
The Kasol pics will have to wait. But here's one I clicked yesterday on my way to office at a traffic stop. Admittedly, not a very original composition nor an uncommon sight in India. But I liked the look on his face.

And here's one more I worked on over the weekend.

The mimetic poly-alloy (liquid metal) from which rose the T1000 or a bucket of water in my bathroom as seen under a table lamp? Don't bother asking what the table lamp was doing in the bathroom. :)
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Acting the Goat!
Kasol is this hidden away valley in Himachal Pradesh off Manali. Hardly any Indians visit the place and is mostly frequented by Israelis for its picturesque setting and easy availability of dope. I visited the place with a few pals sometime back. Apart from the fact that the local people make all Indians feel very unwelcome, it was quite a refreshing experience.

We were coming back from a rave early morning when I spotted these goats who were just waking up I guess. I thought the look on their still sleepy faces was that of bewilderment, questioning why I had tresspassed into their bedchambers.

I will try and post some more pictures from Kasol soon!
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