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Faces of India

Smokin Joe
One of my favourites from a few days of busy shooting last month, first in Paharganj area of Delhi and then Mathura, Agra and Fatehpur Sikri and finally Jaipur. I will post a few of them here.

Though, you can see them all on my TrekEarth account.

The Blessing
A holy man? I doubt it. He was a devil in the disguise of a Naga sadhu if you ask me. Those eyes look evil.

Yes the DoF is too shallow and the hand is in sharper focus than the face. I shot this on aperture priority and in hindsight a smaller aperture may have been a better choice.

As for the focus, on the spur of the moment, I decided to go for the hand and not the face. The hand raised in a blessing posture, to my mind, was a contradiction to his not so holy character, and I wanted to bring that out here.

The Sarangi Player
This is Sooraj. He is 80 years old. He plays the Sarangi (a traditional stringed instrument). He has been playing it since he was 7.

I am told he has been sitting at the same spot in Amber Fort in Jaipur for the last 65 years. He plays his music for anybody who would care to listen and pay him a little some thing for it.

Sooraj's claim to fame: He played for the American President (Clinton) when he came visiting.

Something I noticed later ... see how he holds his glasses in place by tying it with some colorful string on one end.
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